Finland, the country with the highest reading rate in the world.

Maribel Orgaz / Translated by Isabel González- info@leerenmadrid.com
In Madrid, my home town, it is relatively easy to be able to attend presentations by Finnish educational authorities. Finland has become a worldwide reading and educational model. This time it was Siri Salkumen, an expert in the reading process. She was the guest speaker during a workshop organized by La Casa del Lector”.

What is Finland doing to get such a high rate of readers? It cannot be only due to the bad weather. Other cold countries like for example Russia or Switzerland do not show the same results. The Finns read an average of 42 books a year.

A country of about 5 million people register more than 50 million visits to the libraries each year.
Mrs. Salkunen said:” Finnish people love their libraries”.

Maybe one day we will be able to choose our country of residence not only by our professional needs but also following our heart. There is no doubt in my mind that my choice would be that wonderful place made of ice and libraries.

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