Noisy writers - Laura Restrepo and the Colombian literature

Maribel Orgaz / Translated by Isabel Gonzáez - info@leerenmadrid.com
I have been coordinating for several years the activities of different book clubs around Madrid. The library lends a book free of charge and later on convenes a day to discuss it.

At the library ¨Centro de Arte de Alcobendas¨, our book this month has been Delirio from Laura Restrepo. The Colombian writer is well known in all Latin American countries, and she is much appreciated by her readers.

To prepare our session I listened to several of her talks. In one of them the Colombian writer mentioned something that I found very interesting and that may be the reason why some people attending the club are not always willing to read novels by Latin American authors. 
¨We, the Colombian writers, are very noisy. We are unable to describe the intimate life of the characters in our novels. Unlike the British´s writers who do this very well. We do not know how to do it. I start writing and immediately jump into the story, bombs, dead people, drug trafficking…..¨

Laura Restrepo, who now lives in Madrid, said that it is irrelevant where she lives because Colombia is always within her. She wants to challenge herself and she has begun a new book in which the characters do not have roots, without a reference to the place where they live.
¨Let´s see if it is possible that a character does not talk about its country, only about the things that concern a human being¨. 

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